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Expert Investigations in Las Vegas, NV
Delta Firm Investigations is a business concern that is able to provide a wide range of investigatory services to include risk assessments, private investigations, open-source intelligence gathering, due diligence in transactions and hires, and surveillance. We are a veteran, minority-owned business. Nevada Private Investigator Licensing Board License # 4144
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Physical Security Experts in Las Vegas

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
A Risk and Vulnerability Assessment determines if the current protective measures in place around a facility or residence are appropriate for the risk environment and are consistent with best practices. We also identify, via gap analysis, any weak points in security and provide sound, and to do things in robust recommendations for the enhancement of security procedures.
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Open-Source Intelligence
Open-Source Intelligence, or OSINT, is the collection and analysis of data gathered from open sources (covert and publicly available sources) to produce actionable intelligence. Used universally by Fortune 500 companies, professional organizations, and everyday businesses use OSINT is to vet new hires, monitor brand image, plug leaks, and study the competition.
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Our services comprise background checks, asset investigation, auto accident investigations, corporate investigation, infidelity investigation, process serving, child custody investigations, etc. With our extensive experience, we guarantee quality service delivery to ensure we achieve the best outcome for you. Our services are affordable to ensure you get maximum satisfaction for every penny spent on your job.
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Private Investigation and Surveillance Services in Las Vegas

The Delta Firm is an investigations firm that is capable of providing quality and cost-efficient investigations for both private and public domains.

Examples of the types of cases that we will investigate:

- Background search and employment investigations
- Child custody, stalking, and domestic investigations
- Missing persons and people search
- Surveillance operations
- Theft and fraud investigations
- Traffic crash investigations

We collect critical, and legally obtained, evidence for private citizens, civil litigators and criminal defense lawyers. We can assist with your litigation needs by locating and interviewing potential witnesses, obtaining written or recorded statements, reviewing police reports and discovery material, analyzing and photographing crime or accident scenes, preparing documentary or demonstrative evidence. As a third party, we will conduct an impartial, thorough investigation minimizing your exposure to risk.

At Delta Firm Investigations, we strive not only to answer our clients’ questions, but to pose questions they may not have considered. Our findings are presented in concise reports written in plain English.

We specialize in:

- Uncovering hidden information
- Identifying, finding, and interviewing people
- Tracking down obscure documents
- Spotting patterns hidden in disparate groups of big data
- Making connections where none seem apparent
- Exposing conflicts of interest, breaches of duty, and undisclosed relationships
- Conducting background checks
- Finding elusive assets

Video Surveillence

The Delta Firm has the ability to conduct surveillance and counter-surveillance. From illicit activity to tenancy fraud, we can implement surveillance to provide a full report as part of your investigation, including photos, videos, vehicle details and timings; giving you the actionable evidence that you need to take things further.

The type of investigation that may need surveillance tools can vary, but surveillance is a key element of the following types of cases: 

- Subletting 
- Stalking
- Benefit fraud
- Tracing a person of interest or asset tracing 
- Corporate espionage
- Employee absence
- Insurance claims 
- Infidelity claims
- Child custody arrangements

We understand that investigations involving surveillance are sensitive and we guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation. We will provide video proof of questionable activities to assist you in taking the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue.


Background Checks

Our private investigators can conduct a private investigation into the character of any individual for legal, business, personal, family law, or other reasons.

Insurance Fraud

Our fraud investigations team examines wrongful or criminal deception in order to secure unlawful gain. Our job is to investigate whether fraud occured and uncover evidence to support or deny the claim.

Cheating Spouse Investigation

During our investigative surveillance, our cheating spouse investigation experts use cutting-edge video equipment to obtain the evidence needed to solve your case.

Missing Person

The Delta Firm has access to data and information sources that allow us to use specialized techniques to find the missing person in your family or locate a missing person in an accident investigation, case or work related incident.

Trust The Delta Firm to Find the Truth

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Jesse Florentino
Jesse Florentino
May 16, 2023
Loads of experience in the field which showed in how thorough their work is. I would highly recommend DFI to anyone looking to increase the efficacy of their security systems.
Desert Stryker
Desert Stryker
May 15, 2023
Very positive experience and I would definitely recommend their services. Top notch quality.
May 15, 2023
Many years of experience in this space. Very easy to work with !
Cameron Dadgar
Cameron Dadgar
May 15, 2023
A detailed security review that significantly improved the safety of the people in my business. He uncovered issues in both physical security and the processes in how we operate. We are so impressed with their abilities, we’ve put them on retainer for further investigative work. Professionalism, technical expertise, and a detailed personal touch is what Delta brings to the table.

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